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Support Anfrage: Screen Lock after 15mins prompting user to logon



We are running this SiteKiosk on Windows 10 and the problem I am having is that it locks the screen after 15 min of inactivity.
I read previous posts on the forum and I tried increasing the screen saver activation with the maximum allowed time (68 years) but it is still locking the screen after 15 minutes and on resume, it prompts for logon.
I also read that this might be due to not having a registered license(which we have and applied successfully).

I am open for any suggestions to overcome this issue.
I have also another machine running SiteKiosk on a Windows 7 and I am not having this problem on that one.

I have already checked the Screen Saver settings and the option to disable the option "On resume, display logon screen" is greyed out to me (means it's controlled by company Policy).
As I said increasing the "idle time before activating the screensaver" didn't help.

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Screen Lock after 15mins prompting user to logon 07.12.2020 09:12

You would have to contact your domain administrator for this.

In SiteKiosk you can only set the waiting time until the screensaver is activated or you can deactivate the screen saver completely by editing the SiteKiosk configuration file – see:
(look for the entry <screensaver enabled="true">. Set this entry to false.)

Since SiteKiosk does not have any setting for an option to enter a password after screen saver deactivation and the screen saver is activated after 15 minutes despite your idle time setting , this must be caused by a Windows setting or domain policy.
In addition, group or domain policies are usually of higher priority and overwrite any screen saver setting in SiteKiosk.

Michael Olbrich
Re: Screen Lock after 15mins prompting user to logon 13.12.2020 22:58
Thank you for the prompt response Michael.
I have created a python script to move the mouse pointer briefly every ten minutes but I am having problems with running it after SiteKiosk restarts my computer.

I have then added the script to be executed (in Browser Design-Advanced Settings-Execute Script). This didn't work.
Then in another attempt I have also added the path of the script in "Access/Security-URLs with SiteKiosk Object Model Permission" but this didn't work either.
My script is running OK when I am testing it on its own.

I have also tried to use Windows Task Scheduler and the script is working OK upon restarting the computer.
But once the SiteKiosk is starting with the "Auto Start" option, upon restarting Windows, somehow certain windows features perhaps get disabled and the script I have scheduled is failing to run.

Is there anywhere in the SiteKiosk config that I can allow this program to run even after SiteKiosk is forcing Windows to restart?
Any other idea how to get this script running?
Re: Screen Lock after 15mins prompting user to logon 14.12.2020 08:57

The External Script function is intended for use with VBS (Visual Basic Script) or JS (JavaScript).
Also see "6. Execute script file": https://www.provisio.com/helpconsole/SiteKiosk%20Help/en-US/default.htm?advanced_settings.htm

If you still want to use PHP, you can check if you can start the PHP script as parameter with a corresponding PHP application (EXE).

Here are some examples about starting external applications via script:

Or you just add the exe with the parameter at "Applications" to the SiteKiosk configuration and enable the option "Start application automatically". Then it will start 10 seconds after SiteKiosk startup.
Also see: https://www.provisio.com/helpconsole/SiteKiosk%20Help/en-US/default.htm?applications.htm

Here a general FAQ about SiteKiosk using external applications:

In general, though, I would advise disabling (domain policy?) the option that locks the screen after 15 minutes of inactivity (or even creating a separate OU in your domain for the kiosk computers so that the screen lock option does not apply).

Michael Olbrich
Re: Screen Lock after 15mins prompting user to logon 15.12.2020 09:00
Thank you Michael.
Your help is much appreciated!
I got this script to run now using your suggestions to use the "Applications".
Re: Screen Lock after 15mins prompting user to logon 15.12.2020 09:38
Thank you for your feedback.