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Support Anfrage: Change config start-up file remotely


Is there a way to change the start-up config file? I have a several devices using different configurations and sometimes marketing would like us to change some settings. I am able to modify the current config with the same name and restart the device successfully, but if the config file name changes it does not work.

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Re: Change config start-up file remotely 09.12.2020 20:45

Thank you for your inquiry. The best and easiest way to change your configuration file remotely, is using the "Import" and "Distribute" features with SiteRemote (www.siteremote.net). You will need a SiteKiosk-Restart Job Task to see your reflected changes.

Also you can send command line instructions to do so (this works for file name changes). First, you want to log off the Auto Start user account. You don't want SiteKiosk to be running when you are making these changes. You will need admin permissions when doing these following steps. Second, transfer your configuration file to: C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Config (*.skcfg files). Third, generate and transfer your startup.xml file (instructions below) to a neutrally accessible folder on the hard drive (eg. Public user folders). Fourth, run the Skstartup.exe tool to set SiteKiosk into Auto Start mode for the configuration file of choice and for the user account you want to start into. You can find examples of the tool here: https://devblog.provisio.com/post/2013/05/17/Creating-an-Automated-SiteKiosk-Installation.aspx . Finally, restart the computer to confirm your changes.

You can find instructions on generating the startup.xml file here:
-Open Start SiteKiosk in your admin user account, this can be found in Windows Start Menu, using Windows Search bar or after saving your configuration file intending to run SiteKiosk.
- In SiteKiosk Quick Start menu, select Customize.
- Ensure the most current Configuration file is chosen.
- Select the radio button, Run SiteKiosk automatically.
- Check/Uncheck Settings only apply to restricted account, dependent on using another account.
- Check/uncheck Disable Keyboard input, note when using a domain account, if account login fails, keyboard entry is blocked.
- Check Log in automatically at system startup. Then click Settings on the same line.
- Enter the domain and credentials of the other account to be used.
- Click Ok.
- Then click Export to save your auto start settings to replicate on another machine.
- Click Cancel.
- Copy the file to an easily accessible folder in Windows on the new machine.

Please note the above instruction is only if you have a new configuration file name and you are not using SiteRemote. You can use this step in an inventory management software of choice.

Best regards,
Re: Change config start-up file remotely 09.12.2020 21:11
Thanks for the reply!!

Is there a way to kill the autologin\sitekiosk remotely other then trying to kill the tasks or having someone physically in front of the machine?
Re: Change config start-up file remotely 09.12.2020 21:24

Thank you for for asking. When SiteKiosk is running in Auto Start, the best thing to do is to send a Log Off command through your management software e.g. SCCM, etc. You are not killing Auto Start but changing it.

Your other options are:
-Configure SiteKiosk while its running (Service Personnel Login screen)
-Log off and log into your admin account to manually change the configuration file to another one.

Best regards,