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friendlyway offers touch screen kiosks, information kiosks, Internet access stations, digital photo kiosks, CD burning stations, music automats, ticket automats, videomail stations, stations for the registration of business cards, solutions for management of rooms and buildings, stand-alone and shelf mounted promotional displays, solutions for greeting customers, leasing of friendlyway systems for trade fairs and events, internet kiosk software, secure browser software, individual solutions on a project basis, software for remote supervision, presentation software for scheduling of onscreen presentations, software for remote supervision of LCD and plasma displays, integrated TV and multimedia stations, in short: software and system solutions for touch screen kiosks, internet kiosk software, self-service and customer information in retail stores and public places.

Furthermore, friendlyway realizes customized internet kiosk software projects on a national and an international level. In over 150 projects friendlyway automatized and optimized operating processes and workflows of touch screen kiosks and . When implementing these solutions, friendlyway uses state-of-the-art technology like the Microsoft .net platform and follows standards of development like Rational Rose.

Companies, hotels, schools, universities, hospitals, town halls, cities and communities, research institutions, banks, insurances, public authorities, restaurants, trade, airports, gas stations, media, trade fairs, pharmaceutical industry, health sector, shopping centers, real estate agencies, museums, telecommunication providers, automobile vendors and for many other branches of trade friendlyway develops customized solutions for touch screen kiosks, and internet kiosk software, tailored to the specific needs of each client.


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