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CMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

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CMS Computers Ltd. is one of the leading player in Touchscreen, Public Access Banking Terminals, ATMs kiosks,& Self Service Retail products Since commencing operation in 1995, we have become one of the India's largest ISO 9001 standards manufacturers in this industry, with over 7000 touchscreen kiosks sold till date.We are celebrating a decade in selling and servicing Info -Kiosks, Depository Machines, Self Service Terminals & Utilities Bills Payment Machines to Various Banks & Large Corporates across the Globe.Our skills encompass capabilities in customization of kiosks designs,Kiosk development, Kiosk manufacturing,Kiosks integration and kiosks consulting services. Working closely with local and multinational fortune 500 clients, CMS designs, develops and supplies Self service Kiosks Terminals for diverse markets worldwide.

Our Kiosks, Depositories Machines & Utilities Bills Payments Machines have been accepted and Deployed at Global Levels which has given us the impetus Of Delivering & Deploying World Class and State- Of- Art Kiosks Machines. We are also Committed to our 3 R&D Centers, ISO 9001 Manufacturing Plant, Full fledged Design Center to keep our forerunner Position in Kiosks & Depositories Machines with the Most Comprehensive Kiosk Family of Self Service Kiosks Terminals in the Marketplace.

Our Kiosks have modern designs and are manufactured using innovative technology.They are easy to use,are extremely reliable and comply with open standards.Our services include installation as well as maintenance of the Kiosks.Since its basic construction is made from Metal or FRP profiles we build-in the customized kiosks requirements & software according to your needs. We are proud to be partners of site kiosks on our kiosks products.


Komplettsysteme Hardwarekomponenten Software Dienstleistung
Touchscreen Terminal
Self Check-In/Out Kiosk
Produktinformations Kiosk
Self-Service Kiosk
SiteKiosk Kiosk Software (Windows)
SiteRemote Management Software
Betriebssystem Windows
Vor Ort Aufbau/Installation
Vor Ort Wartung