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Support Request: Allow Websites in Surfing Area


I have tried configuring the Surfing Area to only allow specific websites and deny all others but i cannot get it to work. i have tried the different formats and have also tried using a text file that includes the sites i want allowed with no luck. I am using Windows 10 pro v1903. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Allow Websites in Surfing Area 2/4/2020 5:53 PM

Thank you for sending your inquiry. We will be testing with and providing support for our most recent version 9.7.5232. When you add your "URLs/Paths" or text file to the list, you must select Granted radio button each time you insert an entry. You must select the "Denied" radio button on the last section "Access to other web addresses". You can always click the small blue question mark to be taken to our resident help page. If you have done this and the matter is still persistent, then please send a copy of your configuration file (*.skcfg, not *.skcfg.local) to our support email for a comparison on settings: support-america(at)

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