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Support Request: Need to hide access to C drive in Windows Explorer


I have the Site Kiosk File Manager limited to USB drives but when I open Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc and use the Open file command the Windows Explorer opens. Is there a way to route that only to the USB drive and hide all other directories.

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Re: Need to hide access to C drive in Windows Explorer 2/6/2020 2:46 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. When in Auto Start mode using the Restricted User account, all the drives are hidden by default including the C drive. You can edit these settings with the System Security Manager in the admin account. You should not allow Windows Explorer in the SiteKiosk Configuration settings. To successfully make the changes there, you will need a registered SiteKiosk version. You can then customize the “File System” settings in the System-Security-Manager (-->Customized-->File System). Also see: --> 2. Hide drives. The following steps also apply to user dependent settings like mapping a drive or making personalize settings for the Restricted User account: You will need to Customize your settings when you unprotect and reprotect the Restricted User account.

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