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Support Request: SiteKiosk blank screen when using "Auto Login" feature


Over the last few days, we have been trying to get our SiteKiosk software working on Windows 10. The issue we are seeing is that once you install the software + try to run the "Auto Start" feature which starts SiteKiosk automatically under the RESTRICTED SITEKIOSK USER ACCOUNT, it hangs at a black screen and does nothing. You have to reboot the machine to get back into Windows.
Starting the SiteKiosk software ONCE will work fine but it's only happening when using the above feature which is what we are trying to accomplish for production.
I did some research of this issue and some users on SiteKiosk forums pointed to AV so I decided to do some testing by eliminating our security tools in Windows 10.
1. Imaged Windows 10 PC WITHOUT Credant + WITH Carbon Black and issue persists.
2. Imaged Windows 10 PC WITH Credant + removed Carbon Black and issue was resolved.
3. Installed Carbon Black and SiteKiosk stopped working.
4. Did this multiple times and was to re-create + resolve issue by adding and removing CB.
What is your recommendation to resolve?

Answer: (2)

Re: SiteKiosk blank screen when using "Auto Login" feature 2/6/2020 3:24 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. I am glad that you were able to identify the cause of the black screen when in Auto Start mode. In Auto Start mode, SiteKiosk uses shell replacement and that in itself is suspicious to malware detection programs like Carbon Black, see: With that in mind, SiteKiosk is also security software. When used with default Windows (Windows 10 Home) configuration including Windows Defender, SiteKiosk will still be secure. Additional security settings like hard drive restrictions are applied when used with the Restricted User account. You are free to explore these settings in the System-Security-Manager (-->Customized). Though we cannot give further security advice, there are steps you can consider:

- Have your SiteKiosk computer(s) part of their own Organizational Unit (Active Directory).
- You can employ your own network separation for security concerns.
- As you have correctly done before, test your SiteKiosk deployment against any security settings you would like to apply.
- Ensure that you use SiteKiosk Screensaver and Logout settings to delete your web browsing sessions. Links:

Hopefully this helps.

Best regards,
Re: SiteKiosk blank screen when using "Auto Login" feature 2/6/2020 3:33 PM
Thank you, this is very helpful. I will consult with our Security team.