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Support Request: Access Gmail with Time Limiter


We had been using Site Kiosk for a few years and are now upgrading to the newest version. We are having difficulties accessing Gmail/Google accounts with Internet Explorer so I looked up the work around and am now able to access it through Google Chrome. The problem is that we would like to keep the Time Limiter functionality that we pay for.

Is there a way to get Gmail with 2 factor authentication working with Time Limiter on this version or future version?
Thank you.

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Re: Access Gmail with Time Limiter 2/7/2020 7:02 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, the Time Limiter is a payment device in SiteKiosk it only can be used with IE based skins. All payment devices in SiteKiosk are incompatible with Chrome(Chromium).

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Re: Access Gmail with Time Limiter 2/7/2020 7:46 PM
Then can you assist in accessing Gmail via Internet Explorer.
Re: Access Gmail with Time Limiter 2/7/2020 7:57 PM

For IE (Webbrowser Control) it is not recommended as it should have massive consequences in displaying other web pages (Since IE then pretends to be a Chromium browser) and changing the User Agent is much more complex. For the Chromium CEF browser this is relatively simple and should not have a major impact on the display of other web pages. You can find instructions how to change the User Agent of the IE (Webbrowser Control) here: .

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