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Support Request: Batch Registration and Configuration File Import



I am currently using an MDM solution (Air Watch) to on board about 50 tablets that we will be utilizing in kiosk mode. I was wondering if there is...

a. a way to apply a registration code via startup script so that I don't have to manually type it in on 50 devices.

b. a way to import a configuration file via a startup script. We will be periodically pushing updates to the configuration files on each device. I can push the file itself to the device using the MDM however I would have to go into the settings for each device to press the import config file button to make it take effect. Hoping I can make this a startup function and have the devices just reboot after updating the config file within the file system.

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Re: Batch Registration and Configuration File Import 2/10/2020 3:53 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. The only tool that works fully with SiteKiosk Android is our SiteRemote service ( It does require an annual subscription but you are welcomed to try it out 30 days for free (no payment required, only one device can be tested).

For batch registration, this is possible with SiteKiosk Android 2.2 and higher by sending a script job containing the license information to the terminal with using a script job on SiteRemote. Please note that an internet connection at the client side is required at the time you register the license.

The JavaScript script code looks like this:

siteKiosk.license.registerLicense("AAAAA-BBBBB-CCCCC", function (data) {
siteKiosk.siteRemote.scriptJob.finish(0, JSON.stringify(data));

Where, AAAAA-BBBBB-CCCCC = the license code you want to use on the device(s) you sent the job.

In other words, create a job / job template with first choosing “SiteKiosk Android” as client type. Then use the action type “Execute script”. Add the script above (with adding the license information) and make sure to enable the checkbox at “Script requires SiteKiosk Object”.

For configuration imports, this is possible with SiteRemote. On SiteRemote, click on Monitoring>>(Your Android Device name)>>Administration Tab>>Import (SiteKiosk Configuration File section). After you do this, you will be redirected the (On SiteRemote)SiteKiosk>>Configuration Tab, where you will see a list of recently imported configuration files. You can click the distribute button, to send a predefined "Publish configuration" job. Select the target devices and click "Publish". You would then create a new job with the SiteKiosk Command task and Client Type: Android, to send the SiteKiosk restart command to the recent updated Android device. It would be best that the SiteKiosk app is kept running during this process.

See more on setting up SiteRemote on SiteKiosk Android:
SiteRemote Help:

Best Regards,
Re: Batch Registration and Configuration File Import 2/10/2020 4:17 PM
Hi Andre,

Thank you for the followup. I understand the SiteRemote service will allow us to push the config updates however we are currently using AirWatch organizationally and am trying to not introduce another tool into the mix if possible, not trying to bypass your products it just makes more sense for us. That being said, are you saying there is no way to trigger the config file import through a startup script?
Re: Batch Registration and Configuration File Import 2/10/2020 5:09 PM

Unfortunately, there is no other way.

Best regards,