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Support Request: slow loading of websites


I have a sitekioks problem

When started, sitekiosk websites load extremely long and sometimes error as attached.
For Admin windows users everything works fine and the pages load normally.
What could be the reason ?

Answer: (1)

Re: slow loading of websites 2/10/2020 9:57 AM

Generally web pages can run a bit slower in SiteKiosk due to all the security features of SiteKiosk but usually not significantly.
The rest is up to the system as for the internet connection SiteKiosk just uses the network connection of the Windows operating system (like any other browser).

I assume the pages load faster on the other browser(s) because they are cached locally.

SiteKiosk deletes the temporary Internet Files & Cookies on every logout and screen saver activation which forces the browser to reload the pages from the server afterwards.

Michael Olbrich