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Support Request: Windows 8


We are upgrading a custom enclosed kiosk from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1. The hardware is compatible with Windows 8.1 but not Windows 10. Changed out drives in order to keep working Win7 in case we needed it. I believe that this version of Sitekiosk is Win8.1 compatible. Clean Win8.1 install, fully updated, and .NET 3.5 installed. Same hardware and version of Sitekiosk, everything looks fine on Win7 but wrong on Win8.1

It mostly functions correctly, however, two of the page have some problems. The background image has dark vertical lines through it every other pair of pixels. The foreground that has select-able boxes is shifted to the right and depending on settings goes off screen. A text box that switched between two phrases displays both at once. And a few other small but annoying problems. I first tried to make every setting the same as on the Win7. I even moved the configuration file over but that doesn't work

I believe that I read that IE11 may not be supported in this version of Sitekiosk and that is what comes default on Win 8.1 could that be part of the problem?
Thank you for any help.

Answer: (1)

Re: Windows 8 2/11/2020 10:34 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. We only provide testing and troubleshooting for the most recent version of SiteKiosk. SiteKiosk is compatible with Windows 8.1. Are you having trouble with your website or SiteKiosk in general? You could test the most recent version of SiteKiosk to see if it would resolve the issues you are having. You can test for free without securing payment. (You will need to uninstall to revert to older version. )

Additionally, you could check your SiteKiosk configuration file in Notepad editor for line 18 to ensure that they are set to true. This would ensure you are rendering with the IE 11. See example:

<ie8-compatibility-view enabled="true" />

Best regards,