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Support Request: Microcoin Adapter issue


Hi, I have an issue with getting my MicroCoin QL adapter working on my new version of the kiosk software. Config AU016_D4, build C-11283, Model Q5230-DO. Hoping you can help with instructions?

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Re: Microcoin Adapter issue 2/18/2020 2:56 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. The Microcoin QL coin checker is not supported anymore but only until SiteKiosk 9.0. Please see list of supported payment devices: . You could try to see if the device can be reprogrammed to ccTalk, then you could use the corresponding ccTalk interface:

Otherwise you can try it with SiteKiosk 9.0 for free, but this version is no longer supported: SiteKiosk 9.0 is compatible with Windows 10; see for February 2020 Windows update issue.

Best regards,
Re: Microcoin Adapter issue 2/19/2020 1:59 AM
I have purchased the latest version 9.7, can i downgrade to 9.0 ?
Re: Microcoin Adapter issue 2/19/2020 8:04 AM
Ive found the version history and have downloaded and installed version 9.0. It has now found the Microcoin QL adapter. When i search it displays "Coin acceptor found on COM1" in Green. I have updated its settings and started SiteKiosk but the coin adapter doesnt accept coins. Is there a test area that i can use or any further advice you can give?
Re: Microcoin Adapter issue 2/19/2020 9:02 PM

Please check the following information for general troubleshooting steps regarding the Microcoin QL device. We no longer provide technical support for SiteKiosk 9.0 outside of these general troubleshooting tips.
1. Make sure the device is programmed correctly per the vendor's instructions.
2. Make sure payment devices are activated under >Plus >Payment Devices in the SiteKiosk configuration editor.
3. Make sure you have the box "Enable coin Acceptor support" checked under the devices settings in the Customize dialog.
4. Check the radio button that matches your device (e.g. serial, usb, or PCI). Click the blue and white question mark icon next to Payment Devices (>Plus >Payment Devices) to open the SiteKiosk 9.0 help file. You will find specific instructions for the device depending on whether is is serial, usb, or PCI. Please note the online help file for the current version of SiteKiosk does not contain this information.
5. Ensure the correct country is selected as well as coin values.

Best regards,