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Misc: Browser Content


Hello! I am using 9.6, Start Screen, Chrome Browser engine. When we open a link the window opens. That is great. Is there a JavaScript or CSS file to remove the minimize, maximize, and close button. This way we can force users to use the toolbar. If anything, we do not wish users to be able to minimize or maximize a window.

Thank you.

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Re: Browser Content 12/07/2018 16:04
Since the Start Screen links open in a new window on top of the main SiteKiosk window, it is not possible to remove those controls. This allows the user to choose which of the open new windows to view since those controls are not available on the browser toolbar. You would need to create an html page that you use for your start page instead of the start screen where the links open in the same windows instead of a new window.
Re: Browser Content 16/07/2018 19:47
Thank you for the quick post! :)