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Misc: SiteKiosk with SiteCaster


Hi Team,

I have a customer looking to purchase 9 SiteKiosk Basic licences as well as SiteCaster to go with those licences.

Through the order online portal i can seem to be able to add SiteCaster to the order. Could you lease advise on how i can go about doing this?


Réponse: (1)

Re: SiteKiosk with SiteCaster 10/10/2018 15:17
If you do not already have SiteRemote, you will need to purchase the SiteRemote Cloud & SiteCaster CMS Bundle. SiteCaster is an add-on to SiteRemote and is required in order to use SiteCaster. If you have already purchased your SiteRemote licenses and want to add SiteCaster to your account, please email us at sales-us(at) and we can assist you with your order.