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Rapport bogue: Docker - Autostart


As above. Not sure what IE version means...



We are currently using docker / redis and would like to execute a script when starting. We followed your guide, however the docker process doesnt start for the SiteKiosk user. Also, there is a php package that is installed via composer, and I need that to also run as the SiteKiosk user.

I can get this instantiated as a normal user, and it will work under 'start once' but the boot / login scripts dont work under the logged in user.

Any advice would be great.

Thank you,

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Re: Docker - Autostart 22/10/2018 19:18
If there is a difference between Start Once and Autostart this generally has to do with Windows user account dependent settings. You can use the following procedure to log in as the Windows SiteKiosk user account and make the necessary changes.