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Misc: Website seems to minimise overnight


We have set our site kiosk to display a specific site constantly through IE 11.
However over night the browser window seems to either minimise to the back ground or close as the site kiosk main menu is active on screen during the next day.

we have enabled the Browser Design - Advanced settings option named and added it to our configuration
Keep the SiteKiosk main window in the background (not TopMost)

unfortunately (with or without this option enabled) this doesn't seem to resolve the issue and we have multiple machines with this issue.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Re: Website seems to minimise overnight 07/11/2018 10:47

Starting other browser applications (like IE11 or Chrome) is blocked for security reasons and not supported.
You can use the SiteKiosk Browser instead and just add the URL as “Start Page” in the SiteKiosk configuration.

Also please note that SiteKiosk 8.x is out of support.

Michael Olbrich