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FAQ: SiteKiosk Update


In general the current SiteKiosk version always can be installed over any existing version.
You should make sure that the "Auto Start" mode has been deactivated before installation and that the SiteKiosk user is not logged in at the time of installation.
After the update, call the configuration tool to update the SiteKiosk configuration file.
It is also advisable to first test in "Start once" mode before activating the "Auto Start" mode again.

We do not test the update installation of all old SiteKiosk versions in detail (even if no problem is generally known) but only the update from the respective previous version.

If you want to be 100% sure you can proceed as follows:
1. Backup the SiteKiosk configuration file(s) under "...\SiteKiosk\Config"
2. Uninstall the old SiteKiosk version (-->Control Panel-->Programs and Features)
3. Restart the computer
4. Install the new SiteKiosk version (

The SiteKiosk license is valid for all SiteKiosk versions published within 12 months of the purchase of the license.
You will find the date of purchase on the invoice you receive with the SiteKiosk license.
The release date and the download link for previous versions of SiteKiosk can be found on the version history page:

If your license is not valid for the current SiteKiosk version you can purchase a SiteKiosk Update License.
- Europe, Africa, or the Russian Commonwealth
Web Shop:
- America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand or the Middle East
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