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Misc: power settings



My name is Owen and I am in the IT department at Gleneira City Council. We have purchased one of your Site Kiosk licenses and I am testing some capabilities and have a question.

We are running windows ten, and changed the power settings to turn off the monitor when idle for 10 minutes. Currently a video is playing in site kiosk upon launch. As a result the monitor does not go to sleep and Site Kiosk appears to be overriding or ignoring the power settings applied to the computer. This is under an local account which is an admin on the machine.

Do you have any advice for how I can achieve this.

Regards Owen.

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Re: power settings 18/07/2019 20:28
Generally, Windows power settings should apply. There is not a known issue with that. Can you replicate the issue with a default SiteKiosk configuration file? Are you seeing a difference between start once and autostart mode?