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Misc: SiteCaster updates?


Is there and article that explains whats new in sitecaster 1.5? I'm trying to determine if its worth upgrading our siteremote server for. I'd like to see what is new in Sitecaster 1.5 before making that decision (in the past upgrading remotesite server has been quite a project). Thanks!
*Also the version fields in the support request form does not allow for the full version, it could use an extra field. Example the version of our site remote server is, but I can only put in 6.2.5845.

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Re: SiteCaster updates? 06/03/2020 18:57

Thank you for your inquiry. You can check the changes on the Version History page: then for SiteCaster you will select “SiteCaster Digital Signage CMS” at “Products” drop down selector. Also thank you for identifying the version entry difference. It will be reviewed.

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