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Support Request: Configuration Help


I need to propose this Solution to a customer.
Installation onpremise_

2 Android PCs to manage two Monitors that displays a list of appointments in separate rooms and 10 Android Tablet "out of the door" to display the single room appointment.
Informations coming from an Excel file with the List of appointments..
May you please let we know which version and licences you suggest to manage these 2 Android PCs and 10 Tablets?
We need also to take one Windows version (to be installed on a Central PC or Server?)?
We prefer to buy your software and to pay the annual Maintenace.
Do you have some suggestion on the Android PCs?
Many thanks for your kind support.
Best regards,
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Réponse: (1)

Re: Configuration Help 14/05/2020 09:14

For the Android devices you should have a look at SiteKiosk Android. SiteKiosk Android is mainly a secure browser you can run on Android to protect the system against direct user access.
Furthermore it contains a safe App Launcher & App Lockdown to limit the use of your tablets to one or several installed kiosk app.
Further information here:

But please note that SiteKiosk Android is designed for Android Tablets:
You can try if it also works on the Android PCs (before purchasing any license) but there is no special support for these kind of devices.
However there is no special 2 monitor support in SK Android (as a tablet hasn’t more than 1 monitor).

SiteKiosk can be installed standalone without any dependency of any central PC or server.
But for remote monitoring you can register SiteKiosk to SiteRemote.

To license SK Android you need one license per installation.
The license has no time limitation and you can use the SiteKiosk Android version you install as long as you want. But if you always want to be able to license the newest SiteKiosk Android version you may have a look at the “Annual Maintenance Renewal for SiteKiosk Android Software Support & Updates.
Prices can be found in our web shop:

For using the remote monitoring you can use our SiteRemote Server at or install you own SiteRemote Server on a Windows Server system.
See “Would you prefer to lease or purchase?”

You can test everything before purchasing any license.
SiteKiosk Android can be downloaded here (or in the play store):

For testing SiteRemote you can create a 30 days trial team at

If you have further questions on purchasing / licensing please contact our sales via

Michael Olbrich