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Misc: Can't configure Site Remote



I'm testing site remote solution for a client and we have a problem installing Sitekiosk for windows

When i want to register the client appears the message "unable to reach the siteremote client service. Try restarting sitekiosk configuration tool". After restarting the message is the same.

i'm using windows 10 version 1703

I don't have any user configured in the machine.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Can't configure Site Remote 20/05/2020 14:48

The SiteKiosk client connects to SiteRemote via port 8086 by using the “SiteRemote Client” service installed with SiteKiosk.
Please check that the SiteRemote Client service is running (services.msc) and make sure that the port 8086 (outgoing) is not blocked in your network environment:

You can check if you can access the SiteRemote Server via 8086 by opening this URL in any browser at the SiteKiosk machine:

If 8086 is open you will get the text in the browser:
error 100
message: Command 'GET v1' not supported
connection: close

Otherwise the page cannot not be loaded.
Then you need to contact your firewall administrator to open the port 8086.

If necessary you can also allow 8086 only to the SiteRemote Server IP that is

General information about registering SiteKiosk to SiteRemote:

Although this should have nothing to do with this problem, please note that Windows 10 1703 is no longer supported by Microsoft:

Michael Olbrich