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Support Request: Close without password prompt


Hello SiteKiosk,
we are looking for a way to close the kiosk environment with a custom key, e.g. Backspace instead of Esc key.
This only works fine, if we provide a password in the configuration.

Is there a way to use Backspace and no password?
If we leave the password fields empty in config, the kiosk is still only terminated by presseing the Esc key.


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Re: Close without password prompt 10/06/2020 11:51

For this you can use the Keyboard Remapper feature.

First start the Keyboard Remapper that is installed with SiteKiosk and configure the Backspace key with the function “(Scripting) Fire Event”.
Then create an external script that executes “SiteKiosk.Quit()” when the key event is fired.

Information about the Keyboard Remapper:


Example (without further free support):
e.g. add the key, the function “(Scripting) Fire Event” and the name exitSK at “Macro/URL/Text” in the Keyboard Remapper.
Save the file (e.g. to “…\SiteKiosk\Html” and press “Activate Configuration”.

Put these lines into an editor (e.g. Notepad) and save the file as JavaScript File (e.g. “…\SiteKiosk\Html\HotKey.js”)

SiteKiosk.LocaleManager.OnHotKeyPressed = OnHotKeyPressed;

function OnHotKeyPressed(exitSK){
	SiteKiosk.Logfile.Notification('HotKey pressed');

Then open the SiteKiosk configuration tool and configure a password e.g. with key combination “CTRL+Alt+F8”
Add the script (HotKey.js) to the SiteKiosk configuration (-->Start Page & Browser-->Advanced-->Execute Script).

Michael Olbrich