Company Christmas Holidays
North American Headquarters in Miami, USA: Dec 25, 2015, Jan 1st 2016
European Headquarters in Muenster, Germany: Dec 21, 2015 until Jan 03rd 2016
Limited support is available during this period.
We at PROVISIO wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Subvertice Lda.

Official SiteKiosk Reseller


Subvertice defines itself as a multifaceted and comprehensive company, providing integrated solutions, multimedia content and distributing interactive audio-visual equipment.

These solutions include the provision of a wide range of contents and equipment, always creating a solution that is innovative, surprising and unique, tailored to each event and / or final installation.

We have available for Rent / Sale the following solutions:

- Touch-Display (Interactive Plasmas and LCDs);
- Interactive tables;
- Holoscreen and HoloTouch (Interactive Holographic Screens);
- Holobox and Holofoil;
- Transparent LCD and Shop Window;
- VideoWall and Multiprojection;
- Interactive wall;
-Interactive floor;
- LED screens;
- 3D displays without the need for special glasses;
- 3D Video projection with glasses;
- Virtual Assistants /Promotors;
- RetailDisplay;
- Easy Digital Signage;
- Games for events;
- Augmented Reality;
- Selfie;

For the development of content, we have:

- Creation of applications in Augmented Reality;
- 3D projects in real time;
- Online Game Development and offline;
- Director, Editing and Film production Institutional and advertising;
- Development and duplication of DVDs and CDs;
- Spherical Panoramic photos (360ºx180º);
- Multi-touch software;
- Selfie;

Come and meet us!

Thank you and see you soon!


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