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Tounitor Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Tounitor Electronics Co., Ltd.(CTE),the global manufacturer of touchscreen monitor, offers the largest selection of touchscreen technologies, Open frame lcd monitor with/without touch screen, LCD touch monitors, CRT touch screen monitor,Kiosk enclosure, Kiosks system, POS touch monitor and carefully designs each product for the demanding requirements of diverse applications, such as industrial, medical, POS, kiosks, retail,hospitality, transportation, office automation, and gaming. Different technnologies including SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave),Resitive(4 wire, 5 wire , 6 wire, 8 wire), Capacitive, Infrared,projected capacitive and other latest touch technology.

CTE has a long term commitment to it is unique and practical business Philosophy. This concept including Flexibility, Accuracy, Consistency, Time-to-Market, and Stability. This concept sends out a strong signal to dealers in the System Integration,VAR Markets that the company is ready to roll.CTE applies this concept for customers whether they are designing a whole new product, system or solution, or modifying an existing one, or seeking a project to implement additional Value-Added Functionality, or simply to gain an edge over competitors.

We offer integrated and ready-to-use touch solution systems:

Open frame touch screen monitor from 6.4"
Desktop Touch monitor from 8.4"
Digital Signage Systems
Sunlight readable touch monitor from 6.4"
POS touch screen monitor from 8.4"
Industrial LCD monitor from 6.4"
SAW Touchscreen from 6.4"
Infrared touch screen from 10.4"
5 Wire touchscreen from 10.4"
Panel Mount/Rear Mount from 6.4"
Kiosk Enclosure from 12.1"
Info-Kiosks system from 12.1"

OEM/ODM Services are available.


Systèmes complets Les composantes Hardware Logiciel Services
Systèmes complets
Que des boîtiers
Terminal écran tactile
Kiosque City
Kiosque info
Kiosque internet
Système d'écran TFT
Informations produits du Kiosk
Self-service du Kiosk
Écrans tactiles
Logiciel Contentmangement
Système d´exploitation de Windows
Système d´exploitation de Windows Embedded/POS
Management de projets
Management de contenu
Surveillance Remote

Information Kiosk

Tounitor offers hundreads of kiosk enclosure models, which is suitable for monitors from 12" to 21

Overall Specification
Operation System: All OS available
Touchscreen options: resistive,SAW,capactive,infrared,temper glass etc.
Surface Finish: Imported Metal Paint
Colors: Pearl White, Silver Grey , or your optional
Warranty: 24 Months
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Desktop Touch screen lcd monitor

Main featurers:
Especially designed for POS application
POS-Monitors come with various panel sizes;
Different housing and mounting methods, as well as a numbers of flexible options such as touch screens, MSR holders and water/dust resistant IP standard.
RS232 or USB touch interface
Base removable or reversible for wall mounting, plus VESA75 mount option
touchscreen technoliges: resistive,SAW, capacitive etc.
Controls on the side rather than the front, plus lockout function for public use
ROHS compliant
Working with all operation system(OS)
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Openframe lcd monitor w/o touchscreen

Open frame LCD monitors are bare metal framed monitors with different form factors including metal/plastic housing, touch screens, digital/analogue/video inputs jacks and water/dust resistant IP standard, and tempered glass.Tounitor produces a wide range of various panel sizes including 6.4”,6.5".7", 8", 8.4”, 10.4”12.1”, 15”, 17”, and 19” even the enormous 40” for the POI market as well as for the industrial segment.
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