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Misc: allowing application


I am testing to allow for access to Microsoft excel. When I go to open the program I get a popup that says "for security reasons this action is not allowed."
Then the popup goes away and word still opens. I have checked the logs and I see a line for Notification: Application 'C\......\excel.exe was started followed by a: Notification: According to the Windows monitoring rule(Title: 'OPEN*' Class:'*' the window (Title:'Opening - ' Class:MsoSplash') will be closed. What can I do to get rid of the warning popup? Thanks

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Re: allowing application 02.05.2018 20:24
Open the SiteKiosk configuration editor and go to >Basic >Access/Security, click the Settings button next to "Block system critical windows & dialog boxes". Scroll down until you see "Open*" in the Window title column. Highlight it then delete it. Save and test.