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Сообщение об ошибке: Cannot open specific webpage in IE engine


Visit "comhem.se" in SIteKiosk in IE engine.


We have an issue opening a specific site in IE engine in SItekiosk:

We are able to open the page on the same machine with IE and MS Edge with no issues.
On a default, clean SK config we get error message "This operation is not allowed" when visiting the site.
On our config when we visit the page, a download of some html file starts to IE cache and then totally broken page appears in a new window, with no images and styling.

How can this be avoided/fixed, so the page displays as it should in SK?

Ответ: (3)

Re: Cannot open specific webpage in IE engine 22.08.2019 14:46

the problem is reproducible and has to do with the way the web server delivers the page and what the IE WebBrowser Control implementation of SiteKiosk makes of it. We will investigate this further.

Currently the only way to work around the problem is to switch to the Chrome engine of SiteKiosk, where the page works.
Re: Cannot open specific webpage in IE engine 23.08.2019 9:47
could you please provide us with some time-frame when this could be fixed or how could it be workarounded without switching to Chrome engine?
Re: Cannot open specific webpage in IE engine 23.08.2019 10:16
No, I am sorry that is not possible. As this is only concerning a specific web page the problem is queued and will be looked into when other tasks are finished.