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Запрос поддержки: need help on the software


We are trying to configure the sitekiosk, and have the outlook application to work in the background but it does not let us do that,
when the client filled out the form and the outlook pops up and send the email with attachment,

The emails are getting stuck in the outbox until we close or get out from sitekiosk mode for those emails to be sent,
so i figured that outlook does not work in the background, could you please help us on steps and how to get this issue resolved

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Re: need help on the software 18.09.2020 15:06

Thank you for your inquiry. There is no solution for this scenario as Outlook itself does not open fully while honoring a mailto protocol request. Your easiest alternative is using another mail client that would send an email in the background or another online solution to have your customers submit a html form that can be emailed (PHP).

The more advanced alternative (untested) is to hide the taskbar in SiteKiosk and then using a customized version of our watchdog script to keep Outlook opened and minimized - https://devblog.provisio.com/post/2017/12/18/How-to-Build-an-Extended-Script-Watchdog-for-External-Applications.aspx. Be mindful that our support does not assist with code customization. Further testing and troubleshooting will be required.

Best regards,