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SiteRemote Server - Business Edition

File name: (System requirements) siteremoteserver.exe
Version: (Version History) 6.4.0
EULA: End User License Agreement
Release date: Wednesday, December 2, 2020
Language: German, English, Spanish, Russian, French
File size: -
Uninstall information: How to remove "SiteRemote Server - Business Edition" after installation.
30-day installation version available on request.
Request download link
Contact us for a download link and submit your information by registering a PROVISIO account.
Allows you to install and operate your own SiteRemote server.

The Business Edition lets you create and manage any number of teams, which makes this product ideal for resellers who want to offer their customers an all-inclusive solution for their remote administration needs.

The Business Edition has the same system requirements as the Standard Edition.

Free support by email and software updates for 12 months!

The following restrictions apply:
  1. IIS and SiteRemote must run on the same server
  2. Static IP address required (applies only to server)
  3. SMS provider: and